Vacuum Therapy

Vacuum Therapy Systems have helped millions of men manage their Erectile Dysfunction as a natural alternative to oral medications.


Timm Medical has been through several iterations but after a corporate buyout in December of 2015, Timm returned to its roots. Focusing on customer relationships while combining top quality products, Timm consistently exceeds the expectations of customers.

Through a 2017 purchase of Pos-T-Vac Medical, Timm combined the two leaders in Vacuum Therapy, Osbon ErecAid and PosTVac, making Timm Medical the leader in non-surgical treatment of erectile dysfunction.

Timm strives to offer the best performing products, by offering medical grade and FDA cleared Vacuum Therapy Systems. The company also offers the broadest support team in the industry, and continues the tradition of manufacturing quality systems in the United States.

Timm Medical provides Marketing and Sales to Healthcare Providers and patients in need of our services globally. 

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